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Tips for Sellers

Steps to take in preparing your home to look its BEST for open houses, broker previews and buyer showings!

  • Preparation for each room:
  1. Pick up all toys and shoes
  2. Remove dishes from sight
  3. Make all beds and put clothes away
  4. Kitchen and baths should be spotless
  5. Vacuum all rugs
  6. Dust and/or mop wood floors
  • Open drapes/shades
  • Turn on lights
  • Turn OFF television
  • Have light music playing
  • Keep walkways clear of objects
  • Secure all valuables including prescription medications
  • Remove pets from home and clean their living quarters, making sure to remove any odors
  • Remove exessive personal items to allow for potential buyers to imagine it as their own home
  • Leave the home during the showing
  • Save business cards from all agents who show your home
  • Do not allow people to view your home without an agent present
  • Notify your agent when you will be leaving town